Learn to Capture the Beauty of the Human Form in this Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop

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Photo by Jim Polaski
We are excited to announce the New Nude Workshop partnered with Whitney Masters, to present an exclusive opportunity to refine nude art photography skills in a one day photography workshop. We provide a true workshop, not a shootout or simply a lecture.

Class sizes are kept small with a 2:1 ratio of photographers to models. This allows maximum opportunities for personalized attention, fine-tuning, and interaction with each model.

Working in both a studio and location setting, photographers learn valuable studio lighting techniques and the use of natural light while also refining skills in communicating with your models in posing and movement. Whether you are interested in nude portraits or nude figure photography, you'll benefit from this workshop.

Waterbury’s photography studio is fully equipped with backgrounds and lighting.
The studio is located behind our 1920's-era farmhouse. Our property, Wild Turkey Run, includes 2 acres of gardens, greenery, and open spaces. Wild Turkey Run is a short, 15 minute walk to Lake Michigan, accessible at Rocky Gap County Park.

We will be announcing our next nude art photography workshop dates soon. To receive information on future workshops, simply fill out the Registration Form.

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