The New Nude Photo Workshop

Whitney Masters is an American model and actress based in Chicago. She's originally from Arkansas, but moved to Chicago in 2015 to pursue her career in acting. Shortly thereafter, she began modeling professionally, primarily in fine art, editorials and hair. She's fallen in love with the artform and spent the last several years honing her craft. She's traveled internationally in Europe, Japan and Canada working with talented photographers and collaborators. She's so excited to be working with Waterbury to bring the experiences she's learned to this unique workshop!
William Waterbury moved to Chicago from Michigan to become a creative commercial photographer. With much hard work and perseverance, he attained his goals and focused on shooting food for most of his professional career.

At age 19, he shot his first nude and it has been a place for his artistic endeavors ever since. For the past 7 years, Waterbury has been fortunate to be able to focus his talents exclusively on photographing the artistic nude. During that time, while working with amazingly creative traveling models, he met Whitney Masters and a whole new collaboration took root. According to Waterbury, "Working together with Whitney over the last 4 years has been an absolute joy." Waterbury can't wait to partner with Masters to tech this unique workshop.

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Photo by Jim Polaski

“Using other people’s work as a basis for developing your own style is a way that most of us begin. But you have to push yourself to create something new from that inspiration.”

— Waterbury

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